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Animated Desktop Cartoon Girls - Free Trial

Cartoon Girls - Talk about FUN!!! You will never get bored while waiting for your computer to finish some task again!! WHile your PC is printing or downloading or whatever, these hilarious (and sexy) cartoon girls will keep you entertained.

These desktop cartoon girls each have thousands of different animations, they can dance, play, frolic, fight, tease, flirt, pout, and genrally have madcap fun all over your desktop!!

These cartoon girls will put a smile on your face and keep it there all day long..

Free Download

cartoon girlsWhat do the Cartoon Girls do?

What don't they do would be a better question!! These girls will keep you amused and entertained with their antics for ages. Some of the cartoon girls play with each other (Sugar-n-Spice), some fight monsters or villains (Maeka, Johlee, Kahli & Tahni), or some just dance away all day for you (dancing girls, Sugar and Spice, Tahni 3D & Johlee 3D).

You can click on different parts of their bodies and get all sorts of different reactions from of them most of which are either very funny or sexy, or sometimes both!!!

There are even secret combinations of clicks for you to discover that provoke special reactions from the girls. I'm still discovering new secret click combinations all the while..

Try the girls on your desktop now and see just how much fun they can be: -

Get the Free Download Now!!

Animated Desktop Girls

The most fun to hit your desktop!! But the best part is you don't even have to take my word for it, there is a free download available for you to try out for as long as you want (it has only a limited number of animations), and the download is availalbe for all of the different cartoon girls.

So why are you still here!?! Go and grab your free desktop girls now!!!

Free Download

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